Why Buy Lauyans Engineered Products Solutions

Lauyans & Company has years of experience developing applications and the integration of custom-engineered material handling equipment to a broad range of customers and industries. This experience makes Lauyans uniquely qualified to solve almost any material handling application. There are many reasons to buy Lauyans. Here are a few:

Increased Productivity and Profitability

Lauyan’s innovative solutions, equipment and system design will increase the productivity and profitability of your process or operation. Rather than trying to make standard equipment meet your requirements, Lauyans will provide custom designs tailored to your unique product or process needs which will greatly improve functionality and profitability of your system.


Lauyans Equipment is also known for its reliability, low maintenance, and long-lasting, heavy-duty construction. Lauyans achieves this through years of experience with a design philosophy of incorporating high-quality components with heavy-gauge construction.

Adaptable to Your Needs

Lauyans strives to provide equipment and services as needed to meet your unique situation. Lauyans can provide as much or as little of the system, from a single piece of equipment to a complete system, with or without controls, installation or integration.

Custom Equipment at Reasonable Cost

Because of Lauyans’ extensive installation base, we can pull designs from past jobs and easily customize them at a significantly reduced cost, compared with starting over from scratch.

Excellent Communication on Your Project

Lauyans’ order processes assure excellent communication throughout all six phases of a project: order entry, engineering, manufacturing, testing, shipping, and installation. A project manager will be assigned to act as a single point of contact to communicate and coordinate all issues with through the project. These measures greatly reduce mistakes and delays due to communication.

Made In USA

All of Lauyans’ products are designed and manufactured in Louisville, KY. This central US location provides easier access to Lauyan’s support, service parts and reduces shipping time and cost to more of our U.S. customers.

Broad Product Offering

Lauyans has a wide variety of material handling capability to meet your needs; from the simplest to the most demanding application.

Conveyor of any type including roller, chain, belt, slat, Intralox style or walking beam. These conveyors can be supplied in standard duty, heavy duty, or extra heavy duty. They can be of standard construction or custom designed to handle special pallets or product of any size, shape, or weight. Lauyans also has experience in providing equipment designed to withstand temperature extremes such as blast freezers or oven applications.

Conveyor Accessories include, but are not limited to, the following: Stops, pushers, positioning and squaring devices, turntables, curves, weigh stations, guards, guides, fork truck barriers, pallet jack interface, maintenance platforms and mezzanines.

Complete Pallet Handling Capability including: Chain driven live roller, multi-strand chain conveyor, transfers, dispensers/collectors, and other conveyor accessories as noted above all specifically designed for pallet handling. We know pallets.

Transfers including: 90° chain or roller transfers, high or low speed transfer cars and shuttles with powered conveyor or extractors for bringing pallets or containers on and off the transfer.

Gantry style pick and place transfers with vacuum or special clamping devices for handling a wide variety of small to large sheet, plate, boards, pallets, lids or other products.

Lifts including: Low or high speed reciprocating lifts with or without conveyor beds designed to meet your application. Lauyans also has a continuous vertical conveyor designed for package handling.

Dispensers/Collectors: Lauyans has many years of experience dispensing/collecting pallets, totes, and slave boards.

Custom / Specialty Equipment including: AS/RS pickup and delivery systems, product rollover devices, over/under delivery systems, ergonomic equipment, slave board inserters, tote lidding machines, dumpers and specialty one of a kind equipment as required to meet your needs.

With over a quarter century of providing engineered material handling solutions, we’re ready to work to meet your needs.

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