Pick and Place Transfer Systems

Tell Us About Your ProjectGantry style pick-and-place transfers are generally designed with a pair of overhead runway rails that support a powered trolley. The powered trolley can be provided with a pick up (or grab) head that will attach automatically to the load being transferred. After picking the load, the head can raise vertically to allow the horizontal transfer of the load.

When the horizontal destination is reached, the pick head will automatically lower; so that the load can be safely deposited. Please see our video of the product in action.

These transfers are often used to collect and dispense slave boards in an automated warehouse. Lauyans’ gantry-style Pick-and-Place Transfers are also used in the steel manufacturing and steel fabricating industries.  Applications that require transferring, collecting and dispensing steel sheets may be suited for vacuum attachment as well as magnetic pick up.  Aluminum, composites and plastics are also handled by our equipment with vacuum attachment, mechanical grippers, forks or clamps, as the specific part and process dictate.

A few examples of our Pick-and-Place Transfer designs are seen below.