Pallet Conveyor

Struggling to find the right supplier for your pallet conveyor system? With a thirty year track record Lauyans & Company has the ability to pull from Standard, Semi-Standard and Custom Designed Pallet Handling Equipment to provide solutions for our customers. Lauyans has provided many systems that have greatly improved functionality and profitability in a wide range of operations. Whether your process requires transporting or accumulating empty pallets, or pallet loads up to 20,000 pounds, we are equipped to meet your pallet handling needs.

Our complete offering of pallet conveyor options serves the requirements of transportation and accumulation operations within the manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution industries. Our versatile pallet handling product line offers you the advantages of:

  • Increased productivity
  • Flexibility of equipment layouts
  • Safe handling of products
  • Operator safety
  • Heavy duty capability
  • Lower total cost of ownership

When you work with Lauyans, you can be assured that your system will be designed to suit your needs. Lauyans & Company has developed a multitude of pallet handling conveyors and related equipment for use in a wide variety of industries. From individual pieces of equipment to turnkey systems, including controls and installation, we can provide what you need. Our pallet handling conveyors have increased efficiency in processes such as:

  • Warehouse systems
  • Pallet dispensing
  • Pallet inspection & repair
  • Load transfer
  • Load accumulation
  • Bulk goods receiving

Whether your particular pallet is wood, plastic or steel, and whatever your pallet handling requirements are, we have a solution. Give us your pallet or unit load details, along with an idea of what needs to be accomplished on your facilities’ floor, and we can help you determine the most cost efficient pallet conveyor solution for you.

Products/Devices Typically Used in Pallet Conveyor Systems

  • Chain Conveyor
  • Positioning Stops
  • Escapement Stops
  • Pallet Pushers
  • Accumulation Conveyor (Index or Zero Pressure)

Product Applications

Freezer Pallet Handling System

Lauyans & Company was contracted to supply and install a complete 2-level conveyor system designed to operate in a -20°F environment. Total system length is approximately 700 feet; and consists of CDLR Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors, and custom designed pallet check stations. The system input on the lower level includes custom designed pallet jack interface stations. Ten Storage / Retrieval Machine (SRM) interface spurs are provided on the second level.

Conveying System for Radioactive Waste

The scope of work for this project involved the design and fabrication of a conveyor system which is used to handle 1,200 pound drums (in several areas) and 10,000 pound boxes in another system.

The drums handled are re-classified containers of irradiated waste product that have been excavated, x-rayed and compacted before placing inside new containers for permanent disposal.

The boxes to be handled were an even greater challenge. Containers that are being excavated for processing on the box line are of undetermined design and footprint. This means the conveyor design must accommodate and convey boxes that are unknown as far as their quality and conveyability. Boxes are eventually raised to a second level where they are cut open, emptied and shredded/compacted.

Many of the rooms in this system are limited access; and can only be entered in sealed full body protective suits. Some rooms are Class & Division rated (explosion proof). Because of these extreme limitations, the customer required that this conveyor be extra-heavy duty design with ultra-low maintenance requirements.

Poultry Processing

A partial view of a large material handling system that Lauyans & Company designed and installed in a poultry processing facility.

This conveyor receives stacked baskets of product from the processing plant (inside a cold room environment) and conveys them through a blast-freezing operation. After the blast-freezer, the containers are routed to a four-aisle Automated Storage / Retrieval (AS/R) system.

Upon call from the host computer, loads can be automatically routed from the output spurs of the AS/RS to the order picking and processing area. Lauyans & Company designed multiple ergonomic packing stations to aid the system operators in this area.

Fork Lift Mast Production with Custom-Designed Pallets

Lauyans & Company was presented a challenge from a major fork lift manufacturer. The challenge involved receiving long, heavy beams (used for truck masts) and delivering these beams to various machining centers for fabrication (notching, machining, welding, etc.)

The customer came to us with a basic flow-path diagram, and requested that we assist them in the development of a processing system.

Lauyans & Company developed a synchronous conveyor system that uses a special pallet for transferring the loads between work cells. The custom pallet makes re-positioning and turning of the beam a lot safer and easier for the operator than any previous methods used.

Side-By-Side Container System

An automotive manufacturer required a system to queue empty steel containers used in processing chassis components.

The lane on the far right is the empty container input conveyor. Loads deposited by a fork lift operator will automatically feed a filling position (in the background). As a filled container exits the filling position, any queued containers will automatically advance to keep this station supplied with containers.

The PLC system supplied automatically routes the filled container to the correct lane (one lane for LEFT side components, the other for RIGHT side). Again, these containers are automatically queued to the fork lift pick-up position with zero-pressure accumulation logic.

Dry-Goods Distribution Center

A major dry-goods distribution center uses Lauyans & Company technology to automatically classify, square and weigh loads which are inbound to an AS/RS. Loads that are deemed as “rejects” are automatically routed to an appropriate area for repair. We have provided a total of ten Receiving Cells for this customer over an eight-year period.

In the latest system design, multiple receiving cells were equipped with an “automated repair” function. If a pallet is rejected due to bad bottom boards or excessive deflection, it is routed to a repair zone. In the repair zone, a slave board is automatically dispatched to the repair position where the load is automatically lifted momentarily so that this repair board can be positioned under it. The load may now proceed to the SRM input level for induction.

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