Lauyans & Company helps cut shipping costs

Packaging cell input zone - Cell A

Packaging cell input zone - Cell B

Lauyans & Company has a reputation for material handling innovation.

Lauyans solves difficult material handling problems. With Lauyans’ help, our customers streamline their processes. Reduce their cost of operations.

In this project, the end-user manufacturers hydraulic lifts for automotive repairs. Making the final product easier and quicker to ship cuts significant cost from the process.
The manufacturer came up with the idea to mount the uprights, cylinders, and other lift components in steel frames for shipment. Once bolted into the frames, the load is stretched-wrapped securely. The wrapping process is automated.

Lauyans & Company designed a packaging cell that conveys the lift components once the load has been bolted into end frames. The system then pauses the load for wrapping with a horizontal stretch-wrap machine. The conveyor first retracts to clear the way for the stretch-wrapper. Once the load is securely wrapped, the conveyor extends to convey the load to the shipping pickup point. The design allows multiple loads to be queued.

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