Material Handling

Critical material handling for radioactive waste.

Lauyans & Company designs and manufactures material handling equipment for a wide variety of products. This includes automotive parts, packaged chicken, red-hot steel ingots, ice cream and even radioactive waste. In the mid-2000’s, Lauyans & Company was awarded the contract for the material handling equipment going into a plant built by the Department of Energy … Continued

Processing Hazardous Waste. Safely.

Lauyans & Company has a long-standing customer in the Medical Waste business. They have facilities across the United States. The materials come packaged in red, plastic bags that most of us see in medical waste containers in our physicians’ offices and at the hospital. The bags are filled with used dressings, bandages, scrubs, gloves, masks, … Continued

Minimizing Material Change-over Time

Lauyans & Company’s customer is a manufacturer of stamped metal products for mass consumption. They use a process to blank pieces from sheet steel in a press. The sheets are conveyed to the press in stacks. Lauyans & Company designed and manufactured heavy-duty, Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) conveyor for this purpose. A fork lift … Continued

Efficiency for the Automotive Industry

Lauyans & Company’s customer works with major automotive manufacturers. They provide carpeting and pads using recycled materials. The product for this project is the insulation padding to reduce noise and insulate the passenger compartment. First, the material is pressed into shape to fit the floor boards of an automobile. A water jet is used to … Continued

High Speed Pallet Transfer System

Lauyans & Company has been designing material handling equipment since 1986. We’ve succeeded because we produce material handling solutions for unusual situations. This has secured our reputation for innovative engineering solutions. Our customers often have unusual products to handle. Or a very difficult environment in which to work. Or a production system that requires special … Continued

Handling, Transporting and Storing Radioactive Nuclear Waste

The process of handling, transporting and storing radioactive nuclear waste is highly specialized. Companies that work in these processes face environments that cannot be safely accessed by people without special equipment. Lauyans provides material handling equipment that is engineered to protect people in these situations. Here is an example. A large facility in Idaho was … Continued

Automated System for Frozen Chickens

One of our customers asked us to provide the material handling solutions to this demanding situation. A large national processor of chicken and chicken products had a regional plant that was too small and required the movement by hand of the packaged chicken and pieces. The plant was not able to keep up with demand … Continued