Tote Collectors & Dispensers

Tell Us About Your ProjectLauyans & Company’s Tote Collectors and Dispensers are simple in design and high in reliability. Tote machines are designed to handle a single-sized tote within the machines magazine. Totes with, or without, attached lids can be processed in our standard machine design.

Tote Collectors can receive a single tote from the material handling system and automatically create a stack of totes. This can help to store a large quantity of totes in a compact footprint inside your plant or shipping container.

Tote Dispenser will automatically separate one tote from a stack of totes inside the machines storage magazine. A stack of totes is loaded into the magazine with an inline conveyor. Single totes are discharged with a powered conveyor installed inside the dispenser.

Lauyans & Company’s offers a complete line of Tote Collectors and Tote Dispensers to meet your production needs; with many features and options to meet your specific requirements.