Lauyans Pallet Dispenser & Collector Reduce Labor Risks

Pallets provide an effective material handling solution for use in the movement and storage of goods. Though full pallets can be lifted and moved safely and efficiently with the aid of a lift truck or conveyor system, the manual handling of empty pallets can mean increased labor costs and greater risk of workplace injuries. Lauyans pallet dispenser and pallet collector can help manage these risks.

Labor hours required for employees to handle pallets add up, and represents time that could be allocated to more productive tasks. Additionally, the manual handling of pallets is risk prone work. According to OSHA Material Handling Guidelines, among the main risk factors associated with material handling injuries are:

  • Repetitive motion
  • Static postures
  • Forceful exertion
  • Awkward bending and twisting

When pallets must be manually stacked and dispensed, employees will be at risk for injury.

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Automated Pallet Dispensers & Collectors Provide the Solution

Lauyans automated pallet dispensers and collectors replace manual handling of pallets in automated material handling systems. The pallet collectors do the work of stacking pallets for reuse or transport, and the pallet dispensers ensure that a clear pallet is always available for an automated system to place products.

Benefits of Lauyans pallet dispensers and collectors include:

  • More productive use of labor
  • Reduction of manual labor risks
  • Improved pallet flow and handling efficiency
  • Safer work environment
  • Improved pallet inventory control

Lauyans pallet dispensers are automated high-speed systems designed to collect and dispense pallets for an automated line. These customizable systems are equipped with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and multiple sensors. When the dispenser is empty, a stack of pallets is conveyed into the unit. The pallets are then dispensed as-needed onto an outbound conveyor.

Lauyans pallet collectors operate similarly but accept single pallets and automatically build them into a stack. When a full stack is detected, it is then conveyed out. These stacks can be queued up to reduce floor space required for empty pallet inventory.

Our automated pallet dispensers and collectors can be designed to accept pallets in a variety of sizes and conditions. Lauyans & Company will develop your system to suit your particular requirements.


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