High Temperature Conveyor

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Typical applications for Lauyans high-temperature conveyors include foundries, forging operations and steel mills. Our conveyors are engineered to order for specific applications and requirements.

When designing conveyors for high-temp applications, special consideration must be given to the abusive conditions under which they must perform. While extreme heat is considered to be the normal operating environment, in actual operation the equipment will start off relatively cool, be taken to the operating temperature and then be brought down to ambient temperature periodically for maintenance or other reasons. Therefore, thermal expansion is a major factor that we consider in the design process.


  • Temperature Range: 150°F – 2,000°F
  • Materials: Construction for high temperate applications using heavy steel structures and components with a service factor of 8-10.
  • Capacity: Every piece of high temperature conveyor is custom engineered to meet applications needs.
  • Dimensions:Custom built to suit the application.

In our design process, the Lauyans engineering team considers all of the smallest details. Choice of fasteners, lubrication, paint and finishes, expansion joints and heat resistant materials are all critical to a successful outcome. The demands of thermal expansion and contraction are taken into account in the development of all of our high temperature conveyors.

Lauyans not only provides conveyor equipment and systems for high temperatures, we engineer for high temperatures. Accept nothing less for your application. Contact us today to discuss your high-temperature conveyor needs.