Heavy-Duty Conveyor

Lauyans & Company is your source for conveyor systems, including heavy-duty conveyors for extremely heavy loads and tough working environments. Known for always providing the right conveyor for the application, we work with our customers to design equipment to specifically meet the requirements of the job. For three decades, we’ve been designing and fabricating a wide variety of heavy-duty conveyors and related equipment.

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Heavy-Duty Conveyors that meet your needs.

Heavy loads and demanding conditions require a heavy-duty conveyor that is designed for performance and reliability. When catalog conveyors are not up to the job, Lauyans & Company meets your needs with specially engineered heavy-duty conveyors. Whether your process is in a harsh environment (i.e. foundry, forging, etc.) or handling loads beyond the typical 2,500 pound pallet, we will provide what you need.

Lauyans & Company has the experience to solve the toughest heavy-duty conveying problems created by extreme conditions such as extraordinarily large load sizes, concentrated loads, and impact loading. We meet all of your unique heavy-duty conveyor application challenges including:

  • Abrasive airborne dust in environments such as foundries can necessitate special seals and enhanced design safety factors.
  • Extremely wide loads require special rollers for extra wide conveying applications. Shaft deflection can cause bearings to fail prematurely if the roller is not designed properly.
  • Super heavy loads may require live shaft rollers. Pillow block or flange mounted bearings may be needed instead the standard pressed in bearing and fixed axle rollers typically used.

Heavy-Duty Conveyors developed to your specifications

Our heavy-duty conveyors are constructed of heavy structural, formed steel designed and fabricated to suit your application. They boast the capacity to handle a wide range of products from small footprint/heavy concentrated loads up to large shipping containers with weights up to 50,000 pounds.

Heavy-duty conveyor equipment we typically provide:

  • Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR)
  • Multi-Strand Chain Conveyor
  • Transfer Cars
  • Transfers (Roller and/or Chain)
  • Powered Turntables (Roller or Chain Conveyor Deck)
  • Dumpers
  • Stackers / Destackers

While many conveyor manufacturers offer you only standard catalog solutions, Lauyans & Company is capable of designing and manufacturing material handling equipment to satisfy virtually any heavy-duty conveying need. Contact us to discuss your heavy-duty conveyor application.


Heavy-Duty Conveyor

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