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Custom Conveyor Systems

Harley Conveyor System
Chemical Processing Conveyor
Excavation Equipment Manufacturing

If your process requires moving heavy, unique-sized or hard to handle loads, we can help.

Pallet Conveyor
Box Conveyor

Lauyans works closely with our clients in many industries to increase productivity and we take full responsibility for the planning, execution and acceptance of your project.

Our experience in helping solve the toughest engineering challenges includes…

  • Unique pallet handling conveyor
  • Conveyors for Extreme Temperature Environments (Low / High)
  • Custom designs of all types of conveyor – Powered & Gravity Roller, Multi-Strand Chain, Belt, Overhead
  • Dispensers / Collectors (Pallet, Tote, Slave Boards, etc.)
  • Load Quality Checking (Scales, Broken Boards, Pallet Deflection, Load Squaring, Profile)
  • Product Orientation (Rollovers, Upenders, Dumpers, Lift & Rotate)
  • Ergonomic Positioning
  • Transfer Cars – High & Low Speed
  • Unique Conveyor Systems (Synchronous, Over/Under, Walking Beam)
  • and many more!

We’re ready to help solve your toughest material handling challenges…

Give us a call at 877-627-2003 to discuss your application.

Beyond the Catalog

You’ll want to look beyond stock catalog conveyors if your application –

  • Requires conveyor interface with Robots, AS/R Stacker Cranes, AGV’s, or other equipment requiring precise positioning
  • Requires unique “Pick N Place” equipment
  • Is in an extreme environment (temperature, operating conditions, other)
  • Requires moving heavy, hazardous or unique-sized loads

our seasoned Engineered Products Solutions Team is up to the challenge.

Need application assistance?

Our experienced team can save you time and money.